Cetus Liquidity Pool Integration Plans


In our continuous efforts to innovate and enhance the functionality of the LiSuify platform, we are gearing up to integrate with the Cetus liquidity pool. This document outlines our strategic plans for this integration, focusing on leveraging concentrated liquidity and developing technology to optimize the liquidity pool’s performance.

Concentrated Liquidity Approach

Cetus employs a concentrated liquidity approach, which stands as a potent tool especially for stable coin pairs like our liquid staking token, liSUI, and the native blockchain token, SUI. This approach allows for more efficient capital utilization, making it a favorable choice for our integration.


  1. Optimized Capital Utilization: Concentrated liquidity allows for more focused and efficient use of capital.
  2. Ideal for Stable Coin Pairs: This approach proves to be highly beneficial for stable coin pairs, ensuring a minimal price slippage even in scenarios where the pool is nearing depletion. This stability in price, even under high volatility conditions, makes it a preferred choice for transactions involving stable coin pairs, fostering a secure and reliable trading environment.

Arbitrage Bot Utilizing Flash Loan Technology in Cetus

To further enhance the efficiency of the liquidity pool, we are in the process of developing an arbitrage bot that leverages the existing flash loan technology in the Cetus liquidity pool. This bot will work in synergy with our liquid staking contract to align the pool’s price precisely with the correct value as per the liquid staking token price derived from the contract.


  1. Price Correction: The bot corrects price deviations, ensuring the pool price aligns perfectly with the liquid staking token price.
  2. Reward Generation: It generates rewards for the individual executing the arbitrage, utilizing price deviations to their advantage.
  3. Two-way Conversion: The staking contract facilitates easy conversion between the native SUI token and the liquid stake token liSUI, and vice versa, enhancing the efficiency of the arbitrage process.

Automated Liquidity Pool Position Manager

Given the nuances of managing positions within a concentrated liquidity environment, we are planning to introduce an automated liquidity pool position manager. This system will adeptly manage positions within the Cetus liquid pool, adapting to the constant and gradual increase in the price of the staked liSUI token.

Key Developments:

  1. Automated Management: The system will automate the management of liquidity positions, optimizing returns and minimizing risks.
  2. Token Representation: Users’ shares in the contract’s liquidity position will be represented as tokens, which can be utilized in various DeFi applications.
  3. Adaptive Strategy: The manager will employ strategies that adapt to the steady rise in the price of the staked liSUI token, ensuring optimal position management and maximizing benefits for users.


The integration with the Cetus liquidity pool marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the LiSuify platform. By leveraging concentrated liquidity and introducing innovative technologies like the arbitrage bot and automated position manager, we aim to offer a streamlined and rewarding experience for our users. These developments stand as a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and efficiency in the DeFi space.